Free Energy
CP, ΔCP , ΔrH, S, ΔrS, and ΔrG as a function of T: N2, H2 and NH3
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
An introduction to thermodynamic calculations leading to a calculaton of the equilibrium constant for a gas phase reaction.
Following the Extent of a Chemical Reaction with the Help of Maple JCE
Baudilio Coto, ESCET, Rey Juan Carlos University
Immaculada Suárez, ESCET, Rey Juan Carlos University
In this document students use Maple to explore the relationship between the extent of a reaction and the change in Gibbs free energy for that reaction. Extensions include examination of a reaction at different pressures and different temperaturescan The formation of ammonia is the chemical system used for this document..
The Gibbs Free Energy of a Chemical Reaction System as a Function of the Extent of Reaction and the Prediction of Spontaneity JCE
Arthur Ferguson, Worcester State College
This Mathcad template is designed to help students develop a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between ΔrxG and spontaneity through the creation of a graph of G for a reaction mixture vs. the extent of reaction, x , and an exploration of how the shape of that graph is affected by the value of ΔrxG.