Harmonic Oscillator
Exploring the Harmonic Oscillator Wave Function Components JCE
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
A Mathcad template that provides students with guided inquiry practice with harmonic oscillator wave functions.
Femtochemistry JCE
Mark David Ellison, Wittenberg University
Students explore a simple solution to the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in the context of understanding femtochemistryl. After a review of the time-independent harmonic oscillator model studentsstudy the process of exciting molecules with an ultrafast laser pulse and in a superposition that has time-dependent behavior.
Modeling Chemical Bonds with a Mathematical Function
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
Mathcad documents providing a framework for exploration of basic harmonic oscillator concepts used as a model for the chemical bond. The treatment is classical Hooke's Law as used in Molecular Mechanics.
Variational Method Applied to the Harmonic Oscillator JCE
S. Keith Dunn, Centre College
Mathcad document that introduces students to the variational method using a simple, one-dimensional harmonic oscillator and sinusoidal particle-in-a-box wavefunctions as a basis set.