First Law
Computing a Flame Temperature
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
Joseph H. Noggle (1936 - 1998), Monmouth University
Mathcad document that allows students to learn how to compute adiabatic flame tempertures.
Computing Enthalpies of Reaction
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
A symbolic mathematics document to provide hands on practice for computing heats of reaction and heat of reaction as a function of temperature given a constant value for Cp.The thermodynamic data required for a large variety of reactions is provided in the file ThDATA.xls.
Fitting a Polynomial to CP vs. T for Ag
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
This document demonstrates the method of fitting a polynomial of any reasonable power to a set of data and provides an example of how to use matrix methods to solve simultaneous equations in physical chemistry.
Intermolecular Potentials and The Second Virial Coefficient JCE
Patrick L. Holt, Bellarmine University
A worksheet for exploring the relationship between intermolecular potentials and the second virial coefficient using the hard sphere, square-well, and Lennard-Jones potentials. Students can compute the second virial coefficient and explore the coefficient?s temperature dependence for several substances and use a computed B value to investigate the temperature dependence of the compression factor, Z.
The Joule-Thomson Effect and Enthalpy for SO2*
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
An introduction to thermodynamics of real gases, computing imperfection functions, Joule-Thomson coefficients, and Joule-Thonson inversion temperatures.
Work Done During Reversible and Irreversible Isothermal Expansion of an Ideal Gas JCE
Arthur Ferguson, Worcester State College
This Mathcad template explores the implications of the Boltzmann Equation for the population of energy states as a function of temperature.