Second Law
CP, ΔCP , ΔrH, S, ΔrS, and ΔrG as a function of T: N2, H2 and NH3
Theresa Julia Zielinski, Monmouth University
An introduction to thermodynamic calculations leading to a calculaton of the equilibrium constant for a gas phase reaction.
Heat, Work and Entropy: A Molecular Level Illustration JCE
Jeffrey A. Draves, Monmouth College
This worksheet is intended to help students understand the difference between heat and work at the molecular level and to appreciate the proper use of the term (dis)order when applied to entropy. The worksheet makes use of quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and classical thermodynamics to illustrate these differences.
The Carnot Cycle JCE
Harold H. Harris, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Mathcad document that allows students to investigate the Carnot cycle with numerical calculations on an ideal, monatomic gas. An advanced assignment is provided for a Van der Waals gas.
The Entropy of Lead
George L. Hardgrove, St. Olaf College
This Mathcad files present the determination of the third law entropy of lead using numerical methods, i.e. the trapezoid rule.