Communities: Join and Connect with ChemEd DL

The Chemical Education Digital Library is the product of a community of individuals and groups who are dedicated to the teaching and learning of chemistry. This broad community is subdivided into communities with common interests, such as:

ACS Education Division
provides many outstanding digital resources. Student activities (e.g., high school chemistry clubs), teaching resources, workshops and courses, chemical technician education, and green chemistry are some of the areas in which the ACS Education Division maintains resources.
Assessment and Testing
is a community led by the ACS Examinations Institute for assessment and testing.
The ChemCollective
offers virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concept tests that can be incorporated into a variety of teaching approaches as pre-labs, alternatives to textbook sections, and in-class activities for individuals or teams.
Chemistry Laboratories
is a community led by the Division of Chemical Education Committee on Project Chemlab, which prepares and edits the Project Chemlab database, an annotated and keyworded list of experiments published in the JCE.
Division of Chemical Education (CHED)
provides a common ground for teachers and students of chemistry to examine chemical education in its broadest sense through its committee and governance structure. It is one of 33 technical divisions within the American Chemical Society. Participants come from the entire educational spectrum, and include those from industry concerned with the education and professional training of future chemists and other molecular scientists.
Division of Chemical Information (CINF)
offers an opportunity for chemistry educators to connect with the chemical information community, and the development of materials that educate others on the use of chemical information.
General Chemistry
is a community building an online textbook in a wiki through the ChemPRIME project. Other community resources currently available in this area include Content Development Studies in Chemistry, and the JCE QBank.
High School Chemistry
is a community of teachers and students involved in high school chemistry clubs through the ACS. Other community resources include JCE Classroom Activities, and the JCE QBank.
Inorganic Chemistry
involves a collaboration between ChemEd DL and Project IONiC: Intellectual Online Network of Inorganic Chemists. The community Web site is VIPEr: Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource.
Journal of Chemical Education
provides a wealth of peer-reviewed information in the field of chemical education. Its community of readers, users, contributors, reviewers, feature editors, and staff forms one of the world's largest communities of individuals interested in the teaching and learning of the chemical sciences.
Physical Chemistry
concerns itself with the teaching and learning of the physical aspects of chemistry. Some community resources currently available in this area include LivText: Quantum States of Atoms and Molecules, and the JCE SymMath.

If you have any recommendations for future community offerings please contact us.